call for pictures
29 Sep
  • By Bobbie Lind
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Call for Photos, Ideas and Your Involvement

Have you been flying? What about educating? Have you participated in any event as a female pilot?

We want to know about it. Submit your photos or even your story and we will feature it on our website. We may be the New Mexico chapter of the 99s but we celebrate ALL women pilots no mater where they are.

If you have been in front of the camera or behind it we want to see it. If there is anything aviation related we will happily post it on our blog!

Also, if you are someone that blogs regularly about aviation, or all the cool things you do as a pilot let us know in the comments.  We may even do a feature post on you and your flying!

There’s no time like the present to put yourself out there.

As always, Calm Skies and a mighty tailwind during your flight!

Bobbie Lind
After struggling to find a true passion in life, Bobbie discovered the love of flying. She is a Private Pilot and is working towards additional certification. She shares her passion for flying with her friends and family and anyone who will listen to her ramblings. Read her story about passions here. Feel free to send Bobbie a message here.