A “Ditty” for the Spring 2010 South Central Section Meeting 2-Minute Annual Reports

Taos, Belen, Farmington and Vaughn
For breakfast, lunch, laughter and FUN.
We flew to the north, the south east and west
Our Colorado and Carlsbad weekends were best.

We partied, we taught, we scrapbooked and sold
And we painted the fairest new compass rose, all told.
Our booth at the airshow promoted Ninety-Nines
Our backdrop the cleanest Electra you could find.

The gold of October and two aces that won
Were color and cards in our lofty poker run.
New Year’s Eve found us in Silverton with horses and sleigh
A short drive north from Durango’s runway.

The Centennial, for this our flights were five
Urging girls to follow their passion and drive.
We gained six new members and reinstated one
AEMSF honored a second with New Pilot funds.

You ask who are the we that makes these claims?
The Rio Grande Norte Ninety-Nines, we are great dames!